Computer Clean Up Services and Fees for

MS-Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8

Up to Four Hours of Computer Clean Up Services Onsite
at the Customer’s Home or Office - $40.00 (per computer)
The Service Includes the Following Items:
1.) Create Windows System Restore Point

2.) Create Windows Registry Backup

3.) Clean the Windows Registry

4.) Delete Temporary Windows Files

5.) Delete Temporary Internet Files

6.) Delete Cookies

7.) Delete Recent File Links

8.) Turn off Unnecessary Programs Running in Memory

9.) Install Spyware Removal Software to Scan & Clean

10.) Install Anti-Virus Removal Software to Scan & Clean

11.) Tweak Windows Performance Settings to increase speed

12.) Turn off Active Windows Services to increase Speed

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Thank You for your Order.  I will contact you as soon as possible.  My available onsite work hours are between 6pm and 10 pm Monday through Friday and between 9am and 10pm Saturday and Sunday.  Please Contact me if you don't hear from me within 1 hour of Purchase to make an Appointment for Service at your Home or Office.

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