VLC Media Player

by the VideoLAN Organization
http://www.videolan.org/       Great Software for Watching DVD Movies on your Laptop or Desktop PC

Computer Services and Fees
Up to Four Hours of Computer Clean Up Services Onsite
at the Customer’s Home or Office - $40.00 (per computer)


Data Recovery Wizard Pro

​​My Favorite Data Recovery Software is EASEUS.  I have used it many times to recover data from partially damaged hard drives that still run, but have bad sectors.  I have also used it to recover Deleted Files from Small SD Memory Cards like those that are used in Cell Phones and Digital Cameras.​​

Apache Open Office- Allows you to Read, Write, and Save Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Documents


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My Cell: 407-962-8100


True Image 2016

​​I have been using ACRONIS for Many Years now to Create Fully Functional Image Backup Copies of my Windows 7 Operating System and all of my Important Store Bought Software Programs as well as all of my Pictures and Documents into a Single Image File that I could Store on an External Hard Drive for Safe Keeping in the Event of a Catastrophic Hard Drive Failure.

Robert Jacobi's Computer Repair Services

Computer Clean Up Services and Fees for

MS-Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8

Up to Four Hours of Computer Clean Up Services Onsite
at the Customer’s Home or Office - $40.00 (per computer)
The Service Includes the Following Items:
1.) Create Windows System Restore Point

2.) Create Windows Registry Backup

3.) Clean the Windows Registry

4.) Delete Temporary Windows Files

5.) Delete Temporary Internet Files

6.) Delete Cookies

7.) Delete Recent File Links

8.) Turn off Unnecessary Programs Running in Memory

9.) Install Spyware Removal Software to Scan & Clean

10.) Install Anti-Virus Removal Software to Scan & Clean

11.) Tweak Windows Performance Settings to increase speed

12.) Turn off Active Windows Services to increase Speed

​Currently My Favorite AntiVirus & Spyware Removal Program


Fast - Lean & Powerful

How Many Computers

​I've been working with Computers that run the Microsoft Operating Systems since the late 1980's


Partition Assistant Professional

I was able to use AOMEI to Create a Blind Image Copy of an Active Working Windows 7 OS Partition that was still working on a Failing Hard Drive with a Defective Bad Sector that would not Allow Acronis or the Built in Windows 7 Image Backup Utility to make a Functional Backup Image of Windows 7 from the Defective Hard Drive.

Tre S.
347d ago

The only reason it's not 5 star is because my files couldn't be recovered, but Rob tried everything he could for an hour straight and explained what he was doing as he was doing it. Since it didn't work he insisted I kept my money but i still left him something for his time. Data recovery is never guaranteed but Rob doing what he can to recover it is so I would recommend him.

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​IrfanView - Awesome - Fast Image Editor to Quickly Crop and Resize Pictures

I specialize in backing up Documents, Pictures, and other important data from Computers that have recently crashed from either Spyware, Malware, Viruses, Trojans, Worms, etc. as well as the inevitable Hard Drive Crash when  MS-Windows Can't find the Boot Sector so the computer will not boot up to the Windows Login Screen.